Collision-Mesh Colors

Hey there,
on a project i am currently working on i noticed that some of my collision meshes are colored differently ingame if i enable the Player Collision. I found nothing on this topic on the official documentation so i thougt that maybe someone on this hub would know something about it :smiley:

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Hi BeeHive,

What did you do to get this colored view for your collision? I’ve not run into this viewmode before and I can look into a little more if I know where to start. There may be something in the documentation as well, but just not clearly listed or it may not be listed, to which I can definitely bring this to our Documentation Teams attention for improvement.


Hi ,
this option is right below the view modes. it would be great to know if the different colouring is indicating something :smiley:

Ah, thanks! I’ve seen it just never used it for any of my testing.

There is no documentation for this that I could find specifically aside from the documentation in the editor by hovering over Player Collision and press Ctrl+Alt to expand the explanation.

Green = Static Meshes
Volumes = Pink
BSP/Geometry Brushes = Violet/Grayish

I looked at other types of meshes and different collision settings, but only ever saw these colors represented.

Thanks , i didn´t know that you can press Ctrl+Alt to expand the explanation :smiley:
now i know that the colors aren´t indicating some sort of error in the collision^^ thats good to know :smiley: