Collision keeping me out

I want you to take a look at my custom collision boxes to see if i did anything wrong. The front part of the house works fine and lets me in but no other part of the house where I KNOW theres open areas, I can not access for some reason.

It could be that your capsule collider is to large -> go to your character bp and scale it down + check if it works :slight_smile:
-what happens when you use the “use complex as simple” collision?

When i “use complex as simple collision” it works, Thank you but I want to give scaling down the players collision a try. Where can i find it?, im having trouble locating it.

It depends on which template you use. Normally you can find the character bp in the blueprints folder - then go to the component tab - resize it :slight_smile:

sorry for the late response, but if i delete the arms do i delete the collision?(which I did ) I still have problems going through doorways. when i select first person character in the blueprints folder i cant find the component tab or the collision

The component tab is the window at the left top corner where you can see the movement component,… -> when it’s not visible, go to “window” - component tab :slight_smile:
When you delete the arms, it wont have an effect on the collision, as the collision volume is colliding and not the arm mesh

Ok i found it, is the capsule component what I have to scale down? how do i do so? I don’t think its with the scale widget

Yep, the capsule component -> in the details panel you can find scale x/y or height/width

Your the best moderator of all time lol uhmm i know this is a different subject, but do you have anything on double doors =] ?

What exactly do you mean with “double doors”? -> a door with two parts? :slight_smile:

You can do that in two ways:

  1. with matinee -> import a mesh with a pivot at the edge of the door - create a new matinee sequence which rotates the door part - connect it with an event in your level bp
  2. with blueprints -> just use a “set actor rotation” node + a timeline and an event

I set it up the 1st way you listed, i want both doors to be activated by one box trigger, im just confused on how to do so.

Just do it like that :slight_smile:

I just connect both matinee sequences with play and reverse