Collision In the UE4

Hi all i have problme i modeled a mesh In maya it got 215 cube but When i imported it to the UE4 and i try to add Collision to the the mesh it never fit the mesh Capture.PNG what im asking is ther an good way to make the collision in maya or i the UE4

This will be better in the forum.
For that model the better & faster option is use the model as collision, go to the model and in the properties , change the collision from Default to Use Complex Collision as Simple (In the Collision Complexity)

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anyway to your problem, if that is all one mesh you can either set the collision to “use complex as simple” or make your collision meshes in maya, although if you add the collision in maya you might want to break it up into a few parts


looks like Hevedy beat me to it on the solution;)

I used the Complex as simple and this is what i get Capture2.PNG

Impossible, when you turn the “Use Complex Collision as Simple” that collision lines disappear.
Show me your properties.

*Is in the right properties, in the “Static Mesh Settings” a Combobox

oh srry i ddnt reply i did fix that with the Use Complex Collision as Simple and it works thnx for ur help :3