Collision in Character blueprint

Hello, I want player to control a cube (W,A,S,D + mouse), so I created Character Blueprint changed everything to fit my idea, but I have problem, that it uses the capsule collision. I have tried a lot of things, but nothing helps :confused: So my question is: How could I change capsule collision to a box collision or custom mesh collision? Or if that is not possible, what other way I can do it? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi sudoman,

I created a project for you to use just in case this is what you were looking for. In the project is a cube that can move around similarly to the third person BP but with less functionality. I was going to add a little more functionality but ran out of time. There are some flaws but it should still be a good starting point. This will be a temporary download.

[EDIT] The download link has been removed

Let me know if this helps,

Hello, thank you for your reply :slight_smile: Now I have problem, that if I open your .uproject file, or if I create new project and move .uasset files into content folder, Unreal Engine doesn’t see it :confused: I have readed some articles, but moving .uasset files to content folder works for everyone except me fine :frowning:

Once you download the project you need to extract it to it’s own folder. Open the project by double clicking on the (CubeProject.uproject) Icon. Once in the project you want to migrate the RollingBPExampleMap to your main project (see screenshot).

This method will move everthing you need and it’s associated files to the project. (Note while migrating select your content folder for your main project as the destination)

There’s the problem, I don’t have the map in the folder. Only items that are there are meshes.

I find that very odd sudoman, I had a co-worker just download the same file and had no issue opening the project will all of the content still inside.

The files are in there, the location of the map is in Content>RollingBP>Maps
what you are looking at is Content>Geometry>Meshes

If you are having issues seeing the map in the location I pointed out let me know and I will continue this investigation.

I don’t see it in the location that you pointed out.

Now I am trying to update my UE, now I am on version 4.10.4

The project I submitted is for 4.13, could you provide a screenshot of the directory open in windows explorer? I have a feeling the files didn’t extract correctly.

Also what program are you using to extract the .ZIP file? I used winrar to compress those files so maybe whatever program you are using to extract may be causing the problem.

I am sorry, that I am responding after so long time, I didn’t notice, that you answered. I have updated my Unreal Engine and everything is working fine now :slight_smile: So thank you very much for your patience and answer :slight_smile: Now I know what I needed.

Hey guys, is there a common way to do this? Can we replace the Capsule with something else? Or can we add multiple collision boxes which will actually work? I’m on 4.18 and still the only thing that works is the Capsule component. Need to be able to add collisions to Paper 2D characters.