Collision import issues - 4.19

Long story short, when I import a custom collision mesh UE4 seems to auto generate a simple collision mesh around the custom collision that I made; alt textinstead of using the custom mesh for collision. Kinda driving me nutz, appreciate any help. I feel like I’m missing something but after spending the better part of my day trying to sort this I don’t know what else to do.

Images are all attached.

Thanks all !!!

Hey Dulonic,

Can you provide me the fbx that you are importing into the project so that I may take a further look into this?

link text

thanks, I can’t share the main file but I was able to recreate the issue in this one. Sorry for the delay.

Hello Dulonic,

I got good results by importing with “One Convex Hull Per UCX” unchecked

Let me know if that helps!