Collision Help?

I am using 3Ds max to create a perfect sphere for a planet in a game i’m making. The generated spheres in engine are too low poly for what i’m trying to do, We’ve even experimented with downloading a few online but nothing was as smooth as i could create in 3Ds max.

So here’s the issue:

When I import a simple near perfect sphere as an FBX file into Unreal, The collision is off, (We’re using directional gravity so gravity works spherically). The player character ends up floating above the terrain and whats more strange in different areas it’s like you’re walking into the sky!

What I’ve tried:

In 3ds max i created a separate exact same size and dimensions sphere and labeled it “USP_Planet1” which to my understanding is how unreal recognizes a layer as the collision “USP” particularly being for spheres. Then i selected both spheres and hit EXPORT SELECTED. On the export screen i made sure smoothing was on as well as tangents and a couple other Unreal specific settings. In the file type i am specifically using FBX 2014/2015 based on the fact Unreal 4 released in 2014 (The program can support FBX 2019 but I’ve heard unreal handles newer FBX files weirdly). Next i Imported the mesh into Unreal and UNCHECKED the auto generate collision box. This resulted in wonky collision…

Another thing we tried is open up the static mesh editor in Unreal and tried to apply some different collision settings with no real satisfying result.

So I’m at a loss right now as to how to get the collision of my 3Ds max sphere to behave how it should.

I’m not sure if this is any different, but in Blender I’ve always used UCX_meshnamehere for exporting collision

Would perhaps using Complex Collision be suitable in this case?