Collision for Attached Components / Actors

Dear All,

I’m trying to make Actors that have multiple static mesh components, but the problem is that collision goes a bit funny: specifically, only the root actor will have any collision detection. Once attached sub-components / actors don’t detect collisions at all!? I’ve tried multiple techniques: attaching separate actors, dyn gen static mesh components, static mesh components w/ mesh populated dynamically, every possible combination of collision settings… Essentially I want to attach multiple SMs / Actors to another parent Actor, and only set the mesh at runtime, but have that sub-component detect collisions.

Please help!


I have tested this internally and with 4.7.1, if I manually (i.e. not via construction script or dynamically) create multiple static mesh components, either attached to a scene component root or not, I can collide with all of the static mesh components.

What ‘collision detection’ are you expecting? Are you wanting to attach multiple static mesh components to a character perhaps? If so then this is not supported for the moment, we do not perform collision sweeps sub-components when detecting collisions with characters.

Ah ok. two things I didn’t do:
I’ve not been selecting manual attachment, but rather (using function “create new static mesh component”) leaving manual attachment unchecked; and I’m still using 4.6 - downloaded latest release, so I’ll play with this in 4.7 tonight :slight_smile:
Just out of curiosity, what does manual attachment do, that auto-attachment doesn’t?

When you say “not via construction script or dynamically”. I would have described what I’m doing as dynamic: I take the mesh information and somehowTM assemble a unique base weapon type. So, I have an “empty” base weapon class (either no or empty SM components) , which takes some in data at construction, this tells it what meshes to use for various parts. It then feeds these meshes dynamically into either pre-existing SMC, or creating and attaching a new SMC in method 2. I’ve also tried to this off the construction script - what is the problem with doing it here (and could doing it off On Begin Play solve it)?

Thanks very much!

Where’s this “manual attachment” that you are referring to? It cannot be found anywhere.

Here is my fix for the same (I think) problem:

I simply do the “sweep” for the attached actors manually. Hope it helps.