'Collision During Game' set to 'Only When Visible' doesnt disable collision when Hidden

Im using a color changing tile and trying to make it show and hide randomly. However when I set the tile to ‘Hide’, the collision still remains, even though ‘Collision During Game’ is set to ‘Only When Visible’.

I assumed the collision would be removed when hidden?


Thanks for the report! I’ve been able to reproduce your issue and I’ve reported it internally.

I am also currently dealing with this issue, have you discovered what the problem is?

I can’t solve it yet… I have the same symptoms.

The problem is them forcing collision settings on all Fortnite props, currently you can’t change collision or collision channel of any prop which was not manually imported (based on my own experiments)

@Tom.Noonan I can confirm that even now in September, problem is still present.


Same here. I did a very extensive bug report on it a few days ago.

This is very important, since eliminating collisions allows island makers to:
(A) improve fps
(B) improve bot behavior when replaced with fewer simpler collisions
(C) eliminate minimap bugs when props are used as distant decorations.

Not being able to remove collisions means that some very nice looking props are unusable for many situations.

In my case I was trying to set them to ‘no collision.’

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As of Jan 2024, this bug is still occurring. I just tried reproducing it.

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come on yall its referenced in this tutorial:

If it cant be fixed maybe explain a better way to accomplish the effect in the tutorial page