Collision Detection for items that move to the player

So there’s this thing happening. I’m making a mod for hello neighbor and I’ve been getting something I can’t really fix. I’m making a moving spotlight that would alert the neighbor upon being spotted. It would have a cone collision to match the spotlight and it only detects a collision when the player moves into the cone. Not when the cone suddenly overlaps the player. Is there a bit of advice anyone could give me?

If you are using SetWorldLocation / SetActorLocation make sure you have “sweep” selected, otherwise it will position the actor without updating the physics state, thus not triggering any overlap events.

Also make sure the collision response channels are set on both the player and the spotlight collision and “GenerateOverlapEvents” is set to true so they can see each other.

Yes, but I’m setting actor rotation, over a pivot that moves the entire thing from a corner.

Then you can use “SetActorRotation” or “SetWorldRotation” depending on if it’s an actor or component. You also have “SetWorldLocationAndRotation”.

If the objects overlap work fine when the player is moving around but not when you snap the spotlight on them. Then chances are, the physics is not being told their states.

Could you post screenshots of your code, please?