Collision components position not matching between clients

Hi. I am new to unreal engine 4. I am making a first/third person shooter game. I have set up collision spheres for separate body parts, chest, head etc. I have set up line traces to ignore the standard capsule collision components and only react to the body part collision spheres.

This works ok while the player is standing, but when I make the character go prone, it doesn’t work properly. The collision spheres react as if the player is still standing.

I have set the collision spheres to visible so I can see them in game and they appear in the right spot, but they behave as if the player is still standing. I have made a youtube video that shows what I mean.

I’m sure I have made a silly mistake somewhere. Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Never mind figured it out. The character’s skeletal mesh was not set to component replicates