Collision Complexity bugs out when Collision Response changes

Because of camera angles in my game, I need the walls to fade to transparency if they’re in between the camera and the player’s characters (detected by an “xray actor”) and then return to opacity when no longer in the way. For player control purposes, the walls also ignore the Camera collision channel when transparent and return to blocking it when opaque. So far, this has worked fine.

The issue comes when I set the walls’ mesh to Use Complex Collision As Simple (some of our walls have a noticeable coverage difference between simple and complex). Now, as soon as the wall reaches minimum opacity and starts to ignore Camera, it stops registering as overlapped with the xray actor, and immediately starts returning to opaque.

Notes from tests:

  • The response to Camera doesn’t seem to matter. It still loses overlap if told to block Camera, even though it already is blocking Camera at the time.
  • Wall “forgets” all overlapping actors and components on channel response change.