Collision clings to a flat surface

Hi! I have a question about phys material setup. I created an actor blueprint with static meshes (a car with wheels), created flat landscape and applied to them phys materials with same parameters:

Also I turned on substepping and substepping async in project settings. Then I applied force on the Y axis to my car. At high speed values (about 100 km/h) my car flips over as if clinging to the flat surface.

I tried to change friction combine mode and changing that to multiply helped, but did not solve the problem completely.
What settings of physics or material settings I need to change to prevent this?

Did you get any solution about it? I am experiencing the same issue

I was reading this is a PhysX 3.3 bug and now there is no solution for this except for a complete replacement of the physical engine. But I found a way to reduce effect by decreasing min contact offset in physics tab of project settings to the minimum value