Collision check just after spawning an actor gives wrong result

Hello, I am spawning a grid. I am checking for overlap but it doesn’t work but if I move the grid objects ​then they work.

The overlap isn’t showing the right result after spawn

But if I move grid objects a bit then it works as intended.


How can I fix it so I get right value if I am overlapping with a wall or not. I want to spawn them even if I collide with something so I can’t use don’t spawn when colliding from Spawn Actor function.

I think as of a couple of engine versions ago, overlap doesn’t trigger on begin play. You actually have to move into the volume.

@ClockworkOcean Can you explain what do you mean by move into the volume?

In your case, that would be ‘Box’. The collision volume :slight_smile:

Oh… got it. So is there any other alternatives to check on spawn if I am overlapping with something?

You have to actually look for it, something like:


Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-86045)

Thanks @ClockworkOcean , your way fixed it. Have to add delay if I want to check fo collision in beginPlay. Sorry if looks messy, doing the quick test :p:o