Collision Bug with instanced geometry in BP

I have come across an issue with collision of static meshes when instanced in a blueprint.

When I use an “instanced static mesh” component in the BP component editor and attach a static mesh (that already has collision) to it for instancing, the collision geometry does not seem to have any effect when playtesting (also it does not show up as colored when visualizing player collisions in the viewport).

Investigating a bit further, I noticed strange “invisible” walls (pawn collisions with ‘nothing’) in the level.

So my assumption is that the collision boundaries get displaced from the actual geometry when using instanced meshes in a blueprint.

I can replicate this behaviour through multiple blueprints.


PS: Im on Windows 7 / UE 4.1.1

I have the same issue. There is another thread here regarding the issue already: Incorrect collision when rotating an Instanced Static Mesh - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

This has been fixed. It should be in 4.2 but is available on github now if you’d like to take a look:

Ah good to know. I’ll pull the 4.2 code then.

Thanks Ori