Collision box not working under AirSim mode

Hi, I’m new to UE and I use 4.27.
I studied how to make a car stop at some point through collision box from this tutorial :Unreal Engine AI Car Traffic Tutorial - YouTube
The blueprint works perfectly in a new test project that I create to learn tutorials. However, when I make the same BP in my working project that involves AirSim programs, the car just pass the collision box without any response.
Could anyone give me some suggestions on how to make the collision work?

Hey there @ndalien1! Welcome to the forums! There’s lots of reasons this could go wrong, it could be that for your collision cube you don’t have it set to block/overlap all objects. Maybe generate overlap events is ticked off on it. Maybe the same for the vehicle. The only way we’ll be able to tell is by seeing your set up. So could you show use your blueprints for the vehicle, the details for the vehicles collisions, and the details for the collision on the cube volume you made?

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