Collision Box Not Registering

I’m trying to add a simple box collision to my 2D character, because the capsule causes odd movement when hitting a wall at an angle.
But no matter what I’ve tried, the box collision won’t register.

I’ve made sure it’s set to BlockAllDynamic; you can see it’s showing up like it would work, but…

I’ve set it to visible and you can see it’s overlapping the solid blocks, not working. Also, if I turn off the col for the capsule, the player falls out of the level.
I’ve also tried constructing it in C++, with the same problem.

The character’s movement will only ever respect the root component’s collision. You could try just resizing the capsule to have the same diameter as the width of the cube. And also turn on “Use Flat Base for Floor Checks” in the characterMovement components details panel.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to replace the capsule collision. If this still doesn’t work for you, you might try starting with a Pawn class and setting a box collision as the root component. You will definitely have to code your own movement tho.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation!