Collision between melee weapons during a fight in a 3D game : What UE is capable of ?

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( … and sorry for my english mistakes ! I’m french ! )

A question about animations and in particulary the managing of collisions during combat scenes in a 3D game. I’d like to know if UE is capable to manage collisions of “weapons versus weapons”. Typically : a sword who hits another sword or a shield, for example… I’m pretty sure that it’s possible even though I don’t know how it works exactly. I saw two or three videos (like this : Lets Create Physical Animations - Blueprints #15 [Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial] - YouTube) where the collisions physic was really impressive… BUT !.. Can this concept (in my video link, a mix with the use of the a ragdoll and animations, if I understood…) apply to an object attached to the character like a sword, a shield or others ? AND ABOVE ALL, what could it look like ? Does it work well ? Is it clean (no weapons who go in all directions, no glitch, etc…) ? I’m very curious to see a video demo (or better : a tutorial) which show some physical interractions of swords or others objetcs held in hand with others elements ! If you have some ones… :slight_smile:

Subsidiary question : Is Unity capable to do this too ? What software the better for do this ? Whatever ? I may point out that I’m a total newty in animation. I know a little the main basic principles of Unreal Engine and Unity. I’ve got some notions of computer programming. But that’s where it ends.

Thank you for your help !

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