Collision behaviour on mobile

Hello, I am currently making a pinball game and have come across an issue when I test my game on android. Whenever I test my game on pc everything is working perfectly fine but when I package the game for android and test it on a real phone, the collision on the pinball flippers are not entirely working. If I set my flip speed variable too high the ball instantly clips through the flipper. Lower the flip speed, the better it gets. Slow flip speed isn’t what I want though as the ball hardly goes anywhere because it flips far too slowly.

I have enabled CCD on the ball and flipper actors but hasn’t changed anything. Tried adding more box collisions to static meshes with no results. I have also looked at other questions asked regarding collision and have tried a recommendation by setting triangle min area threshold to zero but nothing is helping so far.

Why am i getting this behaviour on android and not pc, is there anything I can do to fix this?

I am using Unreal Engine 4.27.2

and what FPS do you have on your phone?

tick this option in your meshes:


and check in project settings CCD is available:


I dont know if will make your game perfect but It will improve precision

CCD stands for Continuous Collision Detection . If enabled, it will be used for that particular Actor. It can be helpful sometimes to enable this where you need better collision detection.

Thank you for replying but I have already enabled CCD on the meshes with no or little difference

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It runs smoothly and is always above 30fps

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maybe you did not conect the speed ball to the fps?

print string → the speed of movement of the ball see what is on the PC and what is on the phone

I think I have fixed it. I changed the Physics option “position solver iteration” and “velocity solver iteration” to a high value on both the flippers and the ball and it seems to have worked for now. Thank you for trying to help me