Collision and player movement behavior

In what way can I configure blocking collisions to determine whether the player will be forced to stop moving, or be forced to stop TRYING to move?

e.g. if I set up a blocking volume in my level, a player attempting to run through it will continue to run, but will make no forward progress, since his collision capsule is stuck.

If, on the other hand, I attach a collision volume to an actor, and set it to ALSO be InvisibleWallDynamic (the same as the blocking volume), when the player collides with it he simply stops moving. He returns to his idle state because he is not making any forward movement, owing to being blocked.

Why the distinction? Is there some way I can configure collision to determine when the player is allowed to TRY to move and when the player will be told that he is completely stationary? I’d like for my player to be able to continue running when stuck on enemies, same as walls…