Collision against self

I have a conundrum I’m asking for help on.

My character has a 1p and a 3p mesh associated with it.

The 1p mesh is ‘only owner see’ and the 3p mesh is ‘owner no see’.

I want to be able to shoot other player’s meshes to deterimine [HEADSHOT!!!]s but I’m hitting my own 3p mesh as well. This is most apparent when I look downwards as basically the 1p arms are sinking into my character’s fat belly. Basically the projectile just freezes in air.

This wasn’t an issue in UDK due to having the line: bBlockedByInstigator = false

I can turn off the collision on the mesh against the projectile, and turn it back on for ragdoll, but then I can’t hit other people in their stupid faces.

I tried a small delay before the projectile’s collision became active, but it’s so unreliable that even on client side I can’t consistently hit anything even with a .001 delay (which teeters between still hitting myself and not hitting something 50 feet in front of me).

I can’t make a custom collision channel because the bullet I’m firing is the same one that clown across the way is firing back at me.

I’d move the bullet’s start point more forward but then I’d be shooting through walls and it will still pass into my 3p mesh.

I thought of firing the projectile from straight in front of my character and have it be invisible, but match the same speed. Then fire a dummy, non-colliding, projectile from the weapon itself that just looks like something came out of it. I have a sneaky suspicion, however, that this is going to lead me down another huge rabbit-hole full of problems.

Or do you guys think I could dynamically change my OWN collision channel to something different as long as I am the same player that I’m controlling, but keep all other players unchanged? But then won’t they all do the same thing for their own 3p meshes and wouldn’t that lead me to having to create 64 collision channels for every possible player in the server? Not that I’m assuming more than one person will ever play my game…thanks for the support Mom. Jk, she won’t play it either.

I could turn off my own 3pmesh’s collisions for .01 seconds every time I fire my weapon, but then that’s like a humungous loophole for cheatlords.

If I could just have a way for the collision to know that it’s my actor’s component and to not collide with that single instance of that particular collision channel, but still collide with every other instance of that same channel, then I’d be good. But I’m assuming this is like a PhysX hard-coded thingie that sucks.

I’m kind of at a loss. Any ideas?

Have you created any collision channels?

Yea, that didn’t solve the fundamental conundrum of not hitting one instance of the same collision. Remember, I’m wanting to hit other players, but not myself. I’m also wanting them to hit me, but not themselves. None of my ideas had any real merit.

UDK has a handy option ‘bBlockedByInstigator = false’

Looked like UE4 was out of viable options.

BUT THEN!!! Out of left field comes Aaron Leaton in the Skype developer group with THIS!!!

[2/11/2015 7:12:56 PM] Aaron Leaton:
[2/11/2015 7:12:58 PM] Aaron Leaton: Bam^

Truly this was a “Bam” moment and deserving of a spice weasel squirt.

Thanks to Aaron…and the “Ignore Actor When Moving” node…

problem resolved.