Colliders don't work if I don't move

Hi, I have a character and obstacles with collisions On, when I try to move my character through, the obstacles don’t let me and push me back (wich is right), but when I stand in the way of the obstacle they don’t do anything

Hello Cintilla,

How are you moving your obstacle? I have recreated the issue by using the MoveComponentTo node on my obstacle and using that node will not provide collisions unless the other object moves. If you are able to use the SetActorLocation for your obstacles they would automatically push your player character.

Attached below is a way you could do it based off your node setup above. It is inside a component so you will have to change how you get the actor reference.


My obstacle is animated, the skeletal mesh is looping the animation of the log, when I stand in the way the collisions doesn’t activate

Does your skeletal mesh have a Physics Asset with a collider in it? Your animated obstacle may be missing a collider.


yep, it has. Actually, when I move the obstacle a little below, it pushes my char like in your gif, but at the height it is now, it doesn’t. Not to mention whether I put the obstacle, the collision event doesn’t activate



An alternative solution you could use is to programmatically move your obstacles via blueprints. I was able to reliably get the OnHitComponent event to fire that way. This would necessitate changing the way your handle moving your player character being knocked towards the edge of the platform to use physics on contact instead of manually setting the actor location however.

Ok, i’ll try it. Thnx

So, I made a socket in the stick bone and parented a box collision (in my actor blueprint) to it, I changed the ‘on component hit event’ to a ‘on begin overlap’ and it worked.