Collider Problem Climbing Stairs and Fitting Through Doors

I’ve got what seems like an unfixable problem here. Because I’m using assets from different artists I have a ton of issues regarding my bp_player_pawn’s collider. First, there is a portal asset that will glitch out unless the collider is above a capsule radius of 55. But if it is that high, the player character will not fit through doorways, turnstiles, passageways. On top of that, unless the capsule collider capsule radius is above 50, the player character will stop (get stuck) at 45 degrees when climbing stairs and can only continue climbing the stairs if angled higher toward the sky or lower toward the stairs directly looking forward; but then, again, the character collider will get stuck and unable to pass through pretty much any of the other artists assets that include stairs, doors or turnstiles. I’m not much of a world builder myself and the only thing I can think to do would be to make the passageways wider - but that then messes with the scale and I don’t want to skew that. Also, it leaves the stairs and I wouldn’t know how to fix those full stop. Any help much appreciated.

Hi @freshkosose7

There is alot going on there, and it sounds very frustrating and confusing.

The biggest and obvious culprit is the portal asset as you say everything else works fine except that unless you change colliders

Well changing colliders for alot of assets makes no sense if they work in every respect except the portal.

So you need to figure out whats happening with the portal and why it “glitches” , please explain glitch. Images/videos/blueprints of something we can see a problem with would be best here.

Hey there @High500 . Actually the portal is the least of my worries. Mostly I’m worried about fitting through doorways and being able to climb stairs. Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear with the first message - stairs need the capsule collider to be about 50+ capsule radius. But then, the capsule doesn’t fit through many doorways or turnstiles. The portal dev told me that it was glitching out because it wasn’t big enough but the portal plays a very small part in my game.

It sounds like you are adding a collider thats BLOCKING ALL when really the skeletal meshnshould be doibg the hard collision for stairs and obstacles.

A collision capsule,sphere,box is usually but not always used for overlaps.

Make sure your player character has collision on the skeletal mesh asset then make sure the capsule is overlaps only

Well it’s a first person game so technically doesn’t really need a skeletal mesh - just a collider, and the capsule collider isn’t blocking all. It seems to just depend on the capsule radial size. If it’s over 55 it works. Under 55 it gets stuck at 45 degree angle.

Hey @High500 - in case you were curious, I got ahold of the creator of this player pawn and right away he confirmed that it was a bug related to the blueprint logic. So no matter what we would have come up with we wouldn’t have fixed it. Just thought you’d like to know. But he sent a new file and it’s working now.

Might be able to solve capsule getting stuck on stairs by upping the Max Step Height and/or Walkable Floor Angle parameters in the movement component of your character blueprint.

yeah i did that, but thanks. it didn’t help.