collide with players?

Hi all…
How i can’t set the collision to the player?
I mean my monster have to collide with my player…

Try CharacterMesh


and what after set it to character mesh?
I need only to set the node collide?

what i need to do?

What Kraut is showing is a list of collisions you can use for the Skeletal mesh and static mesh, If you want your monster to collide with character you can set it to Pawn or CharacterMesh Collision Presets where it is shown above,

Alternatively you could choose Custom… and set up how collision works for different types of actor in the world e.g dynamic, static etc…

Yes but i need that when he collide with the character give me an event…where i can customize this event?

there is a way?

The event is called “Event ActorBeginOverlap”.

See your capsule in your player blueprint (or your Mesh if it is the Root).

In details find “collision”. There you will find “Generate Overlap Events” that you must check it to “true” if you want check overlaps events.

And there yet you will find “Collisions Presets” (you can see this in the image that KrautPotato posted before). Here you can choose some presets types or just make a custom one.

How they work? Just select one and there you will see how they interact with others elements. You can create your own type too using Custom and selecting how your elements interact with other things (even you can add your own type object in Project settings - Collision tab if you need).

Investigate and practice those :slight_smile:

yes i understand but i need to create a custom event in the blueprint after the collision…How i can?

Blueprint “create custom event” if you want create a custom event.

custom event after the collision i mean

i don’t understand really can someone help me?

please help me ç_ç