College Student Looking For Game Design Team Or Members For A Open World Game

I am a college student studying computer science and I want to become a game designer. I have a game idea that I’m trying to learn how to create but I don’t know where to start. I need a team of people to help me because I’m totaly new to this stuff. I don’t want to post my ideas because I don’t want them to get stolen. If you want more info, please message me.

My game idea in a nutshell is a Borderlands like game with elements from Gundam, Destiny, and Warframe(space ninja game). Also it is open world. If anyone has a similar game idea and is looking for a team or has a team, I would love to join. Also if you want to join me, I really don’t have the money to pay anyone, even myself. So yeah, take they how you may.

As a more experienced game designer I will give some advice.

1)If you do not know where to start. You should start with a study of what the game design.
(Because every game designer knows that it all starts with the well-prepared design documentation.)

2)Never be afraid to share information on your project. We all have great ideas. Considering that you can not create a game alone, you look silly.
You should share the documents. Or no one want to work with you.

3)Begins with the small. It is difficult to create games. On a small walk simulator with 6 rooms I spent 3 months.To create a game need a huge amount of work time and resources. The harder the game the more difficult its creation.
(Dream big. But start small.)

  1. Game designer is not a director, it is an engineer.
    You also have a lot of work. You have to prepare a lot of documentation, the game looks like?, how it works? , what the game says?, why so?.

Do your part and maybe there will be people that want to work with you.