College Classes to learn Unreal!

This looks nice.

Interesting. I noticed by looking at the site that this is actually a three-part course, with the second and third being here. Never heard of the instructor before. Might do a little digging and see if this is something worth considering. Price looks reasonable ($150 per course).

Would be interested to know if anyone’s previously heard of this school, and as to whether the courses are typically decent or not.

Yeah I am going to register, will give you a play by play of how it is if you want.

you think this is the teacher ?

so from what i have learned is it is a community class. the guy says he is an expert in unreal and etc. so we will see lol

I’m tempted to register myself, to be honest. I’ll be considering it over the next few days. I wish there was more information on the page, though, instead of the brief snippet.

I instantly came up with that via a Google search earlier, as well. I’m sure it is. I might reach out via LinkedIn for some further details on the course. As, I’d like to clarify a few things.

That’s correct. From what I read, at least. The instructor does have prior Unreal Engine knowledge, that’s evident from his portfolio and resume. I’m interested to know what type of game, specifically, the course is aimed at creating in the long-run (over the three individual courses / modules). I’ll drop him a message and let you know if I hear back.

  • Yikes! Assuming its the same person, that linked-in page makes for interesting reading…

  • Recruiters sometimes class this as schizoid: 'I’m in advertising, no I’m in the food business, no I’m in auto glass, no I’m a tech guy for sure!.. WTF?

  • After 2 years he’s an expert in UE4 in a fast evolving engine? Alarm bells! That doesn’t really par with any of his job descriptions either… Yes, he’s got diverse entrepreneurial experience assuming the facts hold up. But with such very short tenures at actual tech or game companies, do you feel lucky punk???

  • However, on the flip side, if it does pan out, then it could be a very interesting course, especially for those into the entrepreneurial side of alt platforms like the AppleWatch etc… So its worth exploring for that alone…

  • But its best to check if this person is really a game design pro or just an entrepreneur who moonlights at tech-training…

  • To sum up, chat with Rama first and check out his rates, before jumping into what could be a big unknown… Good luck!

“You will learn how to create a game with just one person. Learn how to animate, make models, write, design and code (the easy way!)”

Sounds like something you find in a “Big Ideas/You can make Millions/You could look like this” type seminar.


Who is rama bro

Read here…