Colleen C. (Demo Version)

I don’t know about how does the community forum work, but it would be appreciated to leave some feedback or suggestions on the sample of a game.

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my only feedback is to pitch this to the community the same way you would do for a megagrant or croudfunding solution… meaning give as much info as possible.

right now the only piece of info we have is that its a “possible AAA” game. i’m not trying to be offensive here but:
looking at the images and the gameplay vid i deduct that you plan on getting funding for this and then turn it into a AAA looking game. if thats the case i suggest you find a “hook” meaning something that sets this demo apart from all other demos and even similar games. right now i dont see that, i see very basic gameplay with very basic graphics. which is something that almost anyone can do after watching a few tutorials. the reason i am saying this is that if anyone can do it you can bet there are loads of other demos that search for funding just like you and if you are to compete with them you need an edge, something to set it apart.

but first give more info and maybe be more specific on the areas you would like feedback on because right now its clear that it needs improvement on all fronts.

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You may rub some people the wrong way by describing this as a “possible AAA game.” Putting that label on your video may invite criticism that is harsher than you really want.

I think that may be where @didel23 is going with their request for more information. If you want to know whether this looks like it is on its way to being a AAA game … well, you’re going to get some tough feedback. We’re probably both hoping you’re looking for a different kind of feedback.

In that spirit:

When I look at your video, it looks to me like you are learning to use the engine’s basic features and you have created a simple level that incorporates some of those basic features. If that describes your situation, I think you can be very proud of what you have done so far. You have created some basic 3d models and animations that, while relatively simple, are something beyond the stock mannequin and the animations included with the engine. You have introduced a basic combat mechanic (swinging a sword). You have created some environmental art that, while very basic, is more than greyboxing. You have introduced water in the environment. You have created a death event for the enemies and a win condition for the player. You have added some basic (and incomplete) UI elements. These are all a good start to learning how to make a game with the engine.

In terms of where you go from here, I think you have a couple of things you can work on. First, the animations could use some work, and you might look at some tutorials on how to polish them. For example, the character’s running animation is not consistent with the character’s speed – the character seems to be moving forward faster than the animation would suggest, and the result is that the character’s planted foot appears to skate on the ground. (Same with the pirates.) That’s kinda hokey. You probably want to get the timing of the animation to match the speed of the character movement more closely. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to improve those kinds of details.

Second, now is a good time to start thinking about what would make this game fun. If the game is just running around and occasionally bonking pirates on the head with your sword until you stumble across the treasure chest, that’s going to get boring super fast. (For me, maybe 8 seconds.) Your “fun” ideas should drive next steps.

One thing I noticed when I was new to the engine was that it was so much fun to make stuff do stuff (“Yay, my character moves around!”) that it is easy to confuse the fun of making the game with the fun of playing the game. Like I said earlier, you can be proud of what you have done so far, and I’m sure it was fun learning how to do it. Making the game fun to play is a completely different thing. And in terms of games that you might actually put out there, “fun to play” is the important part.

Good luck, and feel free to ask for specific aspects of the game on which you would like more feedback.


In terms of where to pitch, I think you are seeking feedback on the right channel.

I think didel23 and I both gave you some feedback. If you’re looking for more than that, you probably need to give us some direction about what you want to know. I’m happy to help, but I’m not sure what you’re looking for.

How about an explanation of the term 'crowdfunding solution'?

How about you Google that? Seriously, it will take you far less time to look it up than it would take one of us to type up the explanation.

I’m going to need more than those feedbacks or some adjustments in order to improve the video, like a team.

We keep telling you that you need to be more specific about what you want to know, and you keep saying “no.” OK, don’t. I’ll sign off this thread. Good luck.

Hi @anonymous_user_a516c3e5 I admire your ambition. Thousands of Game Developers are pursuing the same goals as you, so you have a lot of competition. I wont even mention the massive competition of all the games that have been published. So, I agree 1000% with @didel23 's statement:

i suggest you find a “hook” meaning something that sets this demo apart from all other demos and even similar games. right now i dont see that, i see very basic gameplay with very basic graphics. which is something that almost anyone can do after watching a few tutorials.

You are welcome. Actually I provided the AAA info for reading because there are other terms:

2.1 AAA+
2.2 AA (Double-A)
2.3 III
2.4 AAAA

The most recent term is AAAA (Quadruple-A). So do you want to be operating in the past or the future?

Appreciate your enthusiasm for making game, and hold on to the same enthusiasm till you finish the game in few years. Also appreciate how much you did in a couple of weeks (assuming from the date you starting using the forums).
Might be better if you had told how many people are in your team, how long you want the game play to take, so on.
There are too many game in platforms like mobile and steam that it is very difficult to get noticed. So unless there is a unique angle it is very difficult to get sales.

A’s in AAA only concerns budget. If you were referring to quality you could make a game which looks as good as the best games out there in ‘A’ budget using Unreal engine, if you have even a small team consisting 3-4 developers.

What the best that we can give based on our experience are general ideas like: if your idea be achieved within the budget, time frame, size of game - developer needed.

Some general things:
Like any movie publishing a game is a wager.
Game development should start on an idea. If you are only a developer and want idea you can get it from others. Some time back there were some post somewhere here asking if someone want ideas for game. Also there will be lot of gamers who want games according to their concepts in reddit gaming communities. You could ask them for and make some agreement with such people too.
I would suggest you to ask for funding only when the game is 70% complete, as people now days won’t fund you unless you have a working copy. There were too many game which failed after funding so they have lost trust.
Also don’t give you idea for games in forums as there is a possibility that someone will take your idea and make it into game long before you.

Best Wishes!

I am not qualified give advice in that area. I am not good artist/ writer.
I would hire a real pro to write that for me. Or If I had to do everything on my own, I would see videos on youtube, actual game play footage, movie trailer, choosing the best ones out there.

What do you have in mind about running a discord server? Creating my own server?