Collecting x number of pickups opens door

I’m trying to create blueprints where the player must collect 3 pickups in order to open a door. I’ve been looking at the BP in the content examples (Level scripting) but I’m having trouble completing the blueprint. Can anyone help?

Pickup BP


Door BP (not finished)

Hey there, i would do this a bit different. Here is what i came up with:

You need:

  • PickUpActor Blueprint
  • MyCharacter Blueprint
  • Door Blueprint
  • LevelBlueprint

I will just show you the BPs Event Graphs:

Character only has a new Variable called “PickUpCounter”.

PickUpActor has a Box for collision and the Overlap Event for it:

The door has an event for opening the door. In my scene, this will only print a text because i don’t want to setup a door for that.

Put the door BP into your scene, select it and open the LevelBlueprint. Create a reference of that door with right click (you still need the door selected). Now do the following:

That should do all the magic. You can use the Counter in your HUD to display it too (: