Collectibles Counter,Collectibles Counter

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to implement a counter that displays the number of collected items on a UI, all the collectibles are unique but contribute to the same counter, if that affects anything.
Thanks in advance,I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on something I am trying to make.
The game I am making features multiple collectibles that all have unique appearances, and they all contribute to a number counter when collected.
I was wondering if anyone knows of an easy way to implement this into the game in the form of a UI for the player.
Thanks in advance

Disregard the first section, I messed up when posting and I guess it put both messages through.

its actually quite simple to accomplish.first you need a script to collect the items, i would probably use a begin overlap. then when the item is collected you increment a integer variable in the player, this will be your item count. then you need a widget which will be the display of the item count. so create the widget and add a text component. then in the text component there will be a section that says text, you want to create a new binding for its value. for the bindings script you will want to get player character, then cast that to the class your character should be, then off the return pin of the cast drag and search for the int variable you created for the item count. next connect the int variable to the return node, it should automatically create a into to text node. the last thing to do is to go back to your character and on begin play create widget and add it to the viewport. thats about it. maybe ill add some pictures later if i have the time.