Collectables behaviour like Screws in Ratchet & Clank?

Hi, does anyone know how to make collectibles behave such as screws in Ratchet&Clank? What I mean is after I get close to them they came into my character . I tried to get this effect with ‘"move component to’’ But it doesn’t work for me.

Here’s the video that demonstrates this .
Thank you very much for any help !

Hi risne,

One way to do this is like this:

  • Create a bp that will be your pickup.

  • Mine is for a LargeHealthKit (just ignore that) with a static mesh placeholder.

  • I have it set to On Begin Overlap > Run a timeline that lerps between the items location and the players location. (The divide I am doing to the time is just to slow the movement down a bit.)

  • The timeline uses a Float to drive the lerp value and a Vector curve to make the item curve a bit when moving towards the player (you can play with this value to make it as exaggerated as you like).

  • Add a Collision Sphere to the player character to trigger the pickup.

  • In the player character, On Overlap with the player capsule > Cast to the item and destroy it (this is also where you would add the scripting to change player health, tally screws, whatever).

The pickup in action!


I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.



Thank you very much for the great explanation! Now everything is working the way I wanted . You rock!

Hi, I’m new here so… HELLO!!
I started to use unreal a few days ago and I love it.
I tried this on 4.8 and it doesn’t work, maybe I’m doing it wrong?? I have set everything like in the pictures.
Could the new version be the problem?
I hope you can help me, I like this idea.


I converted the project I made that contains this to 4.8.1 and this feature works properly for me. If you would like, feel free to post some screenshots of your setup so we can see exactly how you implemented it.

The item is destroyed as soon as I touch it but I can’t see it moving

Your setup looks fine. During Play-In-Edtior, if you keep the event graph for Item01 visible, does it fire at all when the players Sphere overlaps it? It shouldn’t destroy until it reaches the players capsule.

Ok so I changed “OnComponentBeginOverlap (Sphere)” to “OnComponentBeginOverlap (CapsuleComponent)” and now the moving “animation” works but now the problem is that the camera gets crazy after it touches the capsule and the Item01 sticks to it without destroying it.

I used the ThirdPerson example project without changing any option, I just added those things.


It looks like the static mesh for the pickup is colliding with the Spring Arm of the camera. Could you post a couple pics of the Collision settings for the pickups mesh and the Spring Arm?

Hey, I know this is an old thread but the other answer does not actually implement the picking mechanic exactly. Luckily, I am doing a Ratchet and Clank tutorial series on youtube. Here is the video of the whole bolt/pickup picking logic

Here is a link to the whole playlist (Including a slight variation of the video posted ontop just for the health orb - the new ps4 game uses a single orb and not 5 of them swirling around a position)