Collect 5 objects to complete


I need to make blueprint - if player collect 3 objects in level, it will open portal to another level. Can you aim me to some video tutorial? I couldn´t find something simple like this. If you will be so kind to show me something, i will be thankful.

Thank you

I do not know about a tutorial but perhaps this will get you started. I created a new actor with a default sphere (called *Item *here) and added this code to the first person template:

When the player’s capsule bumps into something (On Component Hit), it checks what object it is via a cast. If it’s an *Item *object, it destroys it and adds 1 to the number of Owned Items (int). If the score is 3 or more, load next level.

While this is far from perfect, it’s worth experimenting with just to learn the ropes.

Good luck!

Try this

You can collect different things in a level? If so you must have a Inventory System, I would do checking if 3 desired items are in the inventory after pick up each one of them