[Collapsing : "Iron Man/Devil may cry Like" game]

Hi everybody.

For several months I have been creating a superhero game in high tech armor, a kind of Iron Man Like mixed with devil may cry fighting system.

Here is a video of the rough combat gameplay :


Engine used: Unreal Engine, version 4.15.1.

I’m currently creating flight mechanics, I have refined the design of the armor (concept art and stage “blueprint”).

I don’t recruit for the moment, but your opinions / ideas / criticisms are welcome.

About me :

French chemistry student (I just got my BTS), 21 years old.

I had always been passionate about parkour, by info-graphics, superheroes and action.

I master the modeling, the rigging, I have a little trouble with texturing. My big point is animation (All this with Blender).


These days, I participate in the animation of a game called “Tales of Rain”.TalesOfRain RPG Gameplay WIP Unity3D - YouTube
t0000-0045 on Vimeo
climb0185-0316 on Vimeo
climb0185-0317 on Vimeo
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climb0000-0467 on Vimeo
Sprint USAIN BOLT on Vimeo

However, my knowledge in programming is not really good, that’s the reason why I only use the blueprint with the UE4 (funnel method: I start with the basic functions to end with the particular points).

Regarding the game:

No copyright problem (with the Marvel Universe) because:
It’s just an archetype I’m going to use, not just a copy of an already existing fictional character or a plagiarism of the Marvel Universe, knowing that the scenario will be totally different and that the story will happen in the future close.

About the history and context:

It will take place in a dystopian france (an enormous cliché I know but …), which will be one of the last countries “strong link” to be able to fight against the alien invasion that will occur (Second big plot :D) and. … I say no more for now!

In any case, the armor will have a design similar to that of Iron Man, but will be somewhat more technologically advanced (use of material anhilation energy with antimatter, self-repairing armor, very strong accelerations during Flight phases controlled by intra-armored spatiotemporal curvature, carbyne / diamond for main materials, starlite to isolate the host against sudden temperature changes not managed in time by sensors and actuators (substituted for air conditioners) , N-type SCOs (PTCTE / Perylene …, I gradually learn with a course on electronics and organic optoelectronics written by André Moliton) for the interface of the user with holograms, etc. …).

The character will not make the armor of himself, he will be helped by scientists / government / friends / remaining authority (The film “alone on march” really inspired me in relation to that: Each individual of the group participates, whatever the skills, participates in the Mark’s rescue.

Their respective competencies (hyper-specialized in a particular field (chemistry, computer science, biology…)) complement each other and have the capacity to work in total synergy, hence the efficiency and success of their missions.

Each “important” personality of the game will therefore play a key (logical) role without which the outcome would probably be fatal …

The scenario takes place during the year 2080, shortly after the loss of control of robots of all kinds (civil, military, industrial) by an “AI type virus” (no terminator here) appearing to come from a remote corner of the 'Universe.

This disaster is merely a prelude to what it really is going to happen! Who is at the origin of this scourge?

Humanity itself or something more t …?
Well, I’m not gonna spoiler anything now, it would be useless!

Short view about game design (Game Design Document GDD) :
By the way, if you have ideas for gameplay, because I have so many that I have a hard time classifying them. Some examples of game mechanics among the hundreds imagined:

  • The player will be able to control the armor at a distance, or only certain parts, depending on the missions / combat imposed.

  • It will be improved during the game. This will have to bring together the skills necessary for NPCs or the character itself.

  • The combos will also be customized and customizable at will (I am working at the moment with tutorials of Moise OPEL).

  • Camera shake during very powerful shots to add more intensity during the fighting.

  • Ability to change between first and third person view camera.

  • The HUD will be interactive (ability to zoom in on an object, use IR vision, UV scanning, X-ray scanning, analysis of a particular material / substance / object to investigate, detect the origin of the hazard, make a diagnosis The state of the armor, lock for sighting, etc.).

  • And my favorite: An ability to improve afterwards will allow you to choose in advance, with a Bullet Time effect to add more control, the trajectory that the character will take as well as the actions he will perform (shooting , Dodge, punch, loose part of the tack, catch an object, block an opposing strike, lock on several enemies, etc …). This action will be limited to a few seconds, and its effectiveness will depend on a gauge that will have to be adjusted according to the resources of the armor at the instant t.

So, this is only a (small) part of the project so do not hesitate if you have any remarks, advice or other …

Well this is only the emerging part of the Iceberg, but I will soon get to the heart of the matter

ps1 : Sorry for my bad english, I’m French…

ps2 : And my request toward Marvel :
>I am a French 20 years old chemistry student.
>I would like to use the character “Iron Man” in order to create a Free fan 3D game.
>I intend to use it to make a free short fan 3D game, and to publish it (always totally free).
>It will be a sort of “flight and fight” Simulator game of Iron Man, developed with Unreal Engine 4.
>I want to show my passion for MARVEL and Disney works, and specially for this character.
>Hoping that you can respond positively to my request, your sincerely,

Tyson William

And obvioulsy, the answer was negative, so I take it in mind and adapt my game in consequence.

Hi everyone.

Updates of the project (which advances slowly but surely): I intend to orient the game for a mode combat / flight type arcade or semi realistic.

Well in short, it’s a beat’em up in progress, with some phases of exploration.

I will send you gameplay videos in a few days / weeks. In the meantime, I am open to criticism and suggestion, don’t hesitate !

Thank you,

See you soon !

Update :
Close Range combat system : Presentation short range combat "Collapsing" game - YouTube

Hi !

I’m working on the long range combat,
more to come !