Collapse list problem

Hello. As the note papers are collected, the collapsed buttons are opened and thus the 10 hidden buttons are filled without spaces. But I am having a problem with this issue. For example, when I collect the paper that activates the 4th button first and then the papers that activate the 1st and 2nd button, it is listed as 1-2-4 instead of 4-1-2 or 2-1-4. How can I sort by update?
I want it to be as shown in red. the example on the left or the right could be.

There’s no explicit way to sort children widgets in BPs.

  • have an array of widget notes
  • when you collect a note, set array element by index
  • clear the widget container and add notes from the array

Something along the lines of the above.

The order will be preserved but you need to handle blanks since the entire container is cleared. For every invalid (missing note) add a dummy on the fly, or prepopulate the original array with blanks - this way you’ll have valid elements only.