Collaborators in fantasy squad based tactics project

Hey all,

We’re looking for a couple more people to help with an ongoing hobbyist project. The game concept is a CRPG/squad based tactics/hack’n’slash project set in a low fantasy world similar to Lord of the Rings/Pathfinder.

We’ve come a pretty long way with design, environment assets, core characters, menu systems, and gameplay code, but there’s still a lot to do. There’s a couple of us working on the project part time, plus a few others who’ve helped with different aspects along the way.

Please see the attached images and art station page for examples of concept art and the environment and characters created so far: ArtStation - Bruce McAleer

So we’re looking for people who would like to help on the project. Areas we would like help moving forward with are: Environment asset models (buildings, props, equipment), texture and material improvements (improving character and building materials), particles, decals, and blueprint scripting.

The work would be mostly unpaid, but we can afford to make contributions or lower fee contract work (~£/$200-600 for an asset pack) for contributions, plus portion of royalties if that comes about.