[COLLABORATORS FOR NEW GAME] I am looking for collaborators for a new revolutionary game

Hello, my name is , I live in Italy and I am a college student, I’m looking for partners or collaborators for a game to the limits of reality to be created with Unreal, with regard to the game, we say that it is a shooter-style Hunger Games, my idea is to make challenging sixteen players per game in an arena / stadium that varies its size depending on the category of players, for example there will be 5 categories, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Champion and Legend . maps each with 8 or 12, I would like to base the game on real money, which is that every game, you release an interest that eventually will be awarded to the winner or winners, I know it seems strange but my intention is to create an innovative game based on reality, where players have the opportunity to earn money and reputation in real life, the game mode in the arena will be very realistic in the sense that the player must take into account various parameters such as sleep, hunger , thirst, and according to them get a drink or food or sleep to stay alive, obviously avoiding being killed by other opponents, the style of the game will be futuristic / modern, I believe in this project and if we can put on a nice team will create a good game, maybe one of the best, I will not reveal much on the forum but if you are interested, write in this theard and will explain better my idea in pvt.

Have a look at my game, it’s basically the same without the real money, however I believe that not many people would play a game where you have to pay before every round. But still, good luck in finding some collaborators :slight_smile: