Collaborator with architecture office

Hello, we are looking someone who can help us in order to get video and interactive tours for one projects. We make very high level architecture and we make 3d to get 2 missions:

  • Help us to project and improve the project
  • Give an exclusive service to our client. They have contracted us but they want an exclusive service and they can contract us more projects if they are happy with the final house and with the path…

We would like to find someone who have a workflow with. We usually model all the architecture and the person would help us with the model and mainly with the final results (materials, light, furniture)
If someone is interested, please contact me and we talk about needs, workflow, money, philosophy.
Thanks you, best regards.

Sounds right up our alley, is this project going to be running on PC only or will it be on mobile as well?

Thanks you for the response, We are already working with a partner from this forum. I think that we will get a good results.