Collaborative World-Building

Hello, me and my girlfriend want to start making a game. But not yet, we want to just fool around in the editor making worlds and see how we can make beautiful landscapes together. I know this is old news, but i have seen Hero Engine have Collaborative Development and it looks really nice. I have searched around to see if unreal have this and sadly, not yet. BUT we still want to make a world and wonder how we start. Because if i start making a small village and i am done, how can my girlfriend see that in her editor? Anyway to edit the same “world” just not in realtime? We simply just want to create a world together if you understand what i mean :slight_smile:

This is something we want to build together: v=USVMbvPDhgwhttps?v=XFl6dtK7arg
?v=NoBvw3b6L7I <– This is basicly what we want to make

Where do we start, how do we setup a world we both can edit?

while can’t do things “real time” like with Hero, you can however put your project into source controls, such as perforce. This means that when she hits submit / commit to say. aka save to the perforce database. Then when you open that area etc it will have the changes cause it’s loading them from the source control.
In regards to world building you won’t both be in the same exact area doing it, but each can take a level and work on it then using the streaming level technology pull it all together into a world to say.

Cool thx, any guide for setting this up?

Take a look at this one: https://wiki.unrealengine/Subversion_source_control_(Tutorial) :slight_smile:

This is my most wanted feature, I would be willing to pay lots extra for this.

MultiEdit - Collaborative Level Editing Plugin may be of interest.