Collaborative VR editing

I would love to see the vr editing part of the engine have a collaborative option.

For example a team of 4 could have 2 people in vr editing and the other 2 could also be editing the world, or making blueprint components for the vr users to place in and test. I’m not much of a programmer so i’m not sure how hard something like this would be to pull off. But it could be very useful for teams and if the amount of people in at once could scale then larger groups could use this as well.

Hey @fighter199,

I am an intern at Epic working on VR Editor ( you can go to this thread if you want to join the discussion ). In my spare time I am building collaborative level editing plugin, but it is not officially supported by Epic ;). It i currently not “fool proof”, so I didn’t release it or something. This feature is actually really hard to achieve properly and we discuss about it regularly. Anyway, I actually tested my plugin with the VR Editor and it does work.

I agree that it would be a really cool feature and the two combined could be really powerful.

  • YannickLange