Collaboration Workflow

Hi guys!

So me and my brother are making a game together and I’ve tried to tackle this problem a couple of times before but finding a doable (free) system is elusive.

Right now our workflow for syncing up project files is super manual. We try to keep track of what BPs and other files we have been working on and then we meet up and consolidate them. This really sucks when I realize down the line that some things aren’t working anymore. :mad:

From what I have gathered, Perforce is the system that Epic recommends and I was trying to set that up but I hit a roadblock when I realized that we needed cloud computing($). I also tried Github but the 2gig limit was reached pretty soon… Maybe I could set up a perforce server on my machine and then we sync up on scheduled times?

So I was wondering what you guys use to collaborate on projects?