[Collaboration] We are looking for a 3D environment artist and character artist.

Hello! We are looking for a 3D environment artist and character artist who can do similar art style to Diablo 3. We have 3 team members right now. Me as the lead director/designer and programmer, 1 programmer and 1 music/sound designer. We are using Unreal Engine 4.

The main premise of the game is you try to get parts of a ring in each level to progress. There are total 20 levels to complete with each different challenges. You will experience many puzzles, killing many different enemy types and bosses, exploring for extra loot and avoiding unforgiving traps. You will gain loot for each level that is completed, that you can sell for money. With money you can buy upgrades for your character or buy books to learn a new skill. For extra challenge, try not to die to earn 2x the loot.

We have made a GDD and can be shared with you privately if you’re interested.

The game is a 3D top down action RPG that is planned to release on PC, Linux, Mac, PS4 and Switch.

Note that we currently don’t have any budget to pay for the work and we kindly ask you to collaborate and help us make a good demo of the game so we can start talking to publishers. If we strike a deal, everyone will be paid.

You can contact me via discord: kennykyle#5704 or email:

If you need specifics, please ask! Thank You!