Collaboration in UE4 now? Any changes?

Hi, half year ago i asked about collaboration in UE4, then there was only 2 things:

  1. assets migration
  2. any svn like programs to synchronise files

Did something chaged over time?

I’m just confused about situation like this:

2 men, one project, project files stored on any cloud server and synchronised via any svn like program, what happen if man №1 will work on level №1 and make any assets changes and in same time man №2 will change same assets and work on level №2, then both try save and commit their changes to svn, will there happen collapse?

Any tips, tutorials anything else about collaboration and such situation?

Described usercase is impossible, if you want to modify asset you have to check out this asset, which guarantee that man№2 can’t modify same asset at the same time as man№1

for assets it’s okay, but what about levels? can 2 different men work on different levels and then commit they? won’t be there any collapse in common project files?

no because man1 has the files checked out, halting man2 from changing the same files, I don’t have the link on hand but Allar has a tut on setting up perforce and shows how you can check things out and what not

setting up perforce - Setting up Perforce on DigitalOcean's Ubuntu - YouTube

setting up UE4 with perforce - Uploading Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) Built from Source to a Perforce Server - YouTube

There is also a plugin being created that will allow multiple users to edit the same level at the same time. It’s called MultiEdit and is not quite finished, but has been progressing really well so far.

Here is the link to the thread:

did i got it right, that folders “intermediate” and “saved” aren’t needed to be saved for project files in perforce?