Collab Viewer Widget blocking Left Click

Hi Folks,
first of all please apologize my maybe silly question. I am pretty new to Unreal.
My problem is, I am playing around with the Ue 4 collab viewer templates. I am currently trying to implement a 3D Widget which seems not to react on left click. Following a tutorial, i placed a Widget with a button in it into an Actor and placed it into the demoscene. This button is reacting on “Mouse hover”, but not on click. I guess is blocking the event. I tried to deactivate the “laser” in the template since I suspected it to be the reason, but it didnt’t help. (Btw. my setup is working fine in a test project but not in the collab viewer)
I think I worked through all possible Blueprints, deactivated whatever I found but right now, I am at my wit`s end. Nothing seems to help.
Do you guys maybe have any clue what I am doing wrong? Is there maybe a different Click handling implemented which I did not find yet? Or is there maybe any possible workaround I am not aware of?

Any help would really be appriciated!

Thanks in advance,


Guys I am so sorry! Tired, but wired!
I did not see, those routes were not connected:

A little sleep and some coffee solved it for me! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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