Collab Viewer Template - Where's the source of gravity?

I’m working on Collab viewer template to add elaborated presentation functions

and at some point, turning the pawn to walking mode pushes the pawn extremely hard that it can barely move anymore.

Basically, it acts like the walkable floor angle is <1 or the gravity is few hundred

which is very weird since I never touched any gravity related options.

And obviously, turning the gravity to 0 didn’t help.

So I’m suspecting there might be another blueprint that is forcing the walking pawn to be in certain Z height.

The problem is, Which one?

I’m going through blueprints folders up and down but no luck so far.

Any input would be appreciated!

Problem solved!

It wasn’t a blueprint!

My cloud masked skydome (which overlaps the entire land) had a collision on it’s mesh!

I guess the collision works as a volume boolean but not surface?

Interesting stuff!