Collab Viewer and HTML5

Hey Y’all,

I was wondering if there was anything about the possibility of using Collab Viewer and HTML5 together as I would love to use collab viewer to present some things but I wouldn’t want to have some of the clients have to download UE, unless I’m missunderstanding how collab viewer is working. Does the engine have to be running on the local machine in which the user is logging in from for a remote server? Or can they log into a server from a web app and still utilize the collab viewer functions?

Thank you for your time.

You could just cook your project for release on windows and then your client could run the EXE. Check out the following link for more information.

[USER=“868”]Sam Deiter[/USER] thanks for the info on this! Im’ sorry, I should have asked my question clearer. I’m able to successfully get the collab viewer working across the networks I need it to, it’s very cool. I’ve been going through this in my head trying to figure out the best way to present a project (project_X) but not needing to send say a 10gb file to the client to have to download and run etc etc especially if they’re not too savy on the computer. I was trying to see if the collab viewer functions and interface would be able to work somehow on a webpage, but the closest thing I came up with in my head was to run the collab client on a internal networked machine in our studio and then have the client remote into the computer itself giving them the controls to do the things in the viewer…is there a way to somehow utilize blueprints to make an HTML5 deliverable?

Older versions of UE4 allow you to publish to HTML 5 but that functionality was removed in UE 4.23. I am also not sure if you could also use the collab viewer with HTML 5 or not or if things will work since you would be using an older version of UE4.

Understood! Thanks for the reply Sam!