Collab View over separate internet connections. Similar to PIxel Stream setup?

I’ve seen a few threads about getting the Collab viewer working over a LAN but for my purposes it would only come in useful if i were able to simply send the packaged build to a client and then give them a simple IP address to get it working.

Could that be done in the same way as pixel streaming? I just had that working by setting up an amazon ESC2 server and running the STUN and TURN severs on there before running the packaged pixel streaming program on that server. Works really well and I’m just wondering if those STUN and TURN severs would be all you need to then run the Collab viewer as well?

If not anyone got the best method used to set this up so clients can simply just type in the IP address connect without making them go all technical and configure vpns and stuff on their side?


Karl D

Shameless bump!

I had a go at using the stun and turn severs as I did with pixel streaming but guess that only works with that plugin and for web brower.

No one can point me in right direction to setup a server for collab viewer?