"Cold-hearted Epic Mega Grant" <-- Are you f**kin' kidding me?

I am part of the UE community for quite a while even if I don’t post
on the forums. But this one really ■■■■■■ me off, so I have to share this…

Just one quote:

In my opinion Epic Games promotes unfairness, favoritism and inequality.
I’m a small developer that worked tirelessly for 20 years, Epic Games never helped me, they killed my business through their own popularity.

What?? Feeling entitled much? You got your logic backwards, dude…


Well, for starters, just because Epic is handing out grants doesn’t necessarily means that everyone will get one. I haven’t applied for one and I’m don’t really feel like going through with it, partly because of people like that guy who wrote the article.

And if he can’t handle the insane amount of competition that’s inherent to the industry, he really shouldn’t be a game dev.

I agree. Also I can imagine that everyone and their mother applies for one.
Games, engines, (I’ve seen even Blender Add Ons) etc…

Also he seems to be obsessed with EPIC/UE anyway.
But yeah, whatever…

Lol… No wonder he did not get the grant. I mean there are many, many more reasons and red flags, but even this alone is a showstopper: Game Engine Comparison - Esenthel vs Unreal vs Unity

It just goes to show how delusional the guy is. And if you are entity that’s making strategic financial investment into talented people, the very last type of people you want to invest in are the delusional ones. :smiley:

Yeah, this “comparison” is something else… :grin:

Dealing with marketplace customers like you is harder than making marketplace products, just saying :roll_eyes: