Cold Crossing - Open World (Work In Progress)

Hey all,

I’m currently working on a game called Cold Crossing.

I started work on this game around 5 months ago knowing nothing about coding, Unreal engine or having any prior experience with game development. I feel as if I’m confident enough to show this to the public after teaching myself UE4 for the past 5 months (along side making the game), as I can create / do essentially anything anyone may ask of me (With time obviously) in blueprint.

Cold Crossing is a Open world survival game that I’ve been trying to make because I have found that most games I play get really boring after a certain amount of time played. So I set off on a mission to create my own game that I’d enjoy.

It’s about a era in 2054 where all humanity was evacuated underground due to a Ice age, leaving all wildlife above. You as a wolf have to venture around this world looking for food, water and a assortment of items to keep you alive through the harsh winter. There will be camps above ground and underground that the humans wanted to preserve during the ice age that will contain Militarised items such as - Vests, bags, food and water, etc (High level loot essentially). The camps will be guarded by either; Robots or Cybernetic Wolfs (I have not decided yet).

I am currently bug fixing and doing some final touch ups on the Wolf character and fur, after that I will move on to doing the UI and then the level, I haven’t decided what I want to do after that currently.
As I’m only 13 and this is way above what I should learn in school, It might take me a bit of time to finish the game but I’m hoping for the best!

Here are some screen shots of the game and a video showing character movement. (The images are down scaled due to large file size)…

Thanks for your time!