cold biome + snow

So, just wondering, how do you set the game to snow on the coldest parts, and, how do you get the ground covered in snow? I don’t see “snow” as a ground texture that i can paint with.

got the snow thing figured out - thanks for the help!

So when using the visability tool - its taking away giant squares instead of whats under the brush. But not for the entire map, only parts of it. I can use the brush fine in some places, perfect even, and others a giant square comes out.

Any idea whats causing this? im using mi_snowbiome and mi_snowbiome_hole

oh i should add: it worked perfect the 10 other times i used it … haha … restarting UE4 doesnt resolve.

is it possible to add “snow” to the normal island paints?
so far what i did was add a second map with the same XYZ and same location. Called it “forsakenislands_snowbiome” as a second layer. Then cover it in snow and cliffs paint. Then use the visability too to “erase” all the parts that dont need to be snow. This would be 100x more effective if i could just paint on the snow from the “mat_theisland” material list in the normal paint and skip adding a second landscape… is this possible?

nope, not resolved with the MI_NewIsland

How do i get the ability to paint with the snow textures? It cant be all these maps with now and not a single person has figured it out lol …