Hey guys, I have a high level question for you. How many of you work on teams? Me and a friend are starting down the path of making something and currently I’m the first one in playing with UE4. Since he doesn’t have it downloaded yet, I was wondering what a good way would be to share the changes I make over to him and his changes to me? Would this be something I would set up through GitHub? if so, how should I go about it?


right now my team consist of two so we just use g-drive to transfer any needed stuff back and forth its simple and eash

Any sort of version control is a good idea.
I would recommend using GitHub (Or your own/another git server) as it should make it easier to merge engine changes for later QA builds from Epic.

In reality, use whatever Source control solution you feel most comfortable with.
(Note: GitHub repositories are public unless you pay a monthly fee. Bear that in mind if you plan on selling your project.)

Some solutions you can setup yourself:

Happy coding! :slight_smile: