Coins Spawning at (0,0,0) on Level Start

Hey guys,

This is my first post here! When I spawn the initial floor tiles for a game, for some reason some of the first floor tiles seem to be spawning at the character start, or at (0,0,0) in world space. The map is basically empty and I spawn floor tiles using a for loop.

When I look at the log, I see this warning:
LogActorComponent: RegisterComponentWithWorld: (/Game/ThirdPersonBP/Maps/UEDPIE_0_MainMap.MainMap:PersistentLevel.GoldGems_C_12.DefaultSceneRoot) Trying to register component with IsPendingKill() == true. Aborting.

“GoldGems” is being spawned as a child actor inside a floor tile actor. I’m not sure if the problem is GoldGems or how I’m spawning floor tiles. Coins spawned after the initial level load (using for loop) don’t have the same problem.

I also found this warning:

LogActor:Warning: GameSession /Game/ThirdPersonBP/Maps/UEDPIE_0_MainMap.MainMap:PersistentLevel.GameSession_30 has natively added scene component(s), but none of them were set as the actor’s RootComponent - picking one arbitrarily

It seems as though there is something wrong with my actors or map’s Default Scene Root?

Can you please upload some screen shot of your code?