Coins Like Subway Surfers

I’m Trying to make that long array of coins like in subway surfers in which each coin rotates just after the previous one. I thought of making a spline for that but I’m unable to understand how to do it. Also I want to Know how the coins match the projectile of player in subway surfers(Eg when player is slow the coin arrangement fits to the projectile of the player jump and when the player is fast then also the coin arrangement fits to the projectile of the player jump)

Not sure how to do the trajectory or rotation thingy efficiently, but this may help for spawning on a spline: How to spawn actors along spline in construction script (Waypoint for Racetrack)

i dont know much about that how to match the coin projectile that you can do maybe using a bolleon for speed above this and this and setting that if speed is above this then coin must be spawn in this way and for normal rotating coin spawning i created a sytem like that earlier in which we can spawn coins like subway surfer and coin changes lane and spawn in zig zag way and for rotation you can use a compnent in coin pickup rotating movement and for code i will look if it is avilabel then i will share it with you